June 21, 2014

We have been waiting for that day for so many months… Today is June 21st !!! The whole world is celebrating the official beginning of the summer. Don’t we all love these long sunny days summer is offering us? Don’t we all like the idea of a summer break?

summer time

Like many others, you are probably getting ready to travel. Summer is the best season to explore the world or to attend exciting events you have been invited at a long time ago. Whatever the reason is, you are getting ready to pack. And on top of your packing list should be at least two or three pashmina scarves of different colors (one in or around your purse, the others in your suitcase).

Cashmere silk pashmina scarves by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™; soft and precious pashmina available in a large array of pastel colors

These are travel essentials you will enjoy as a:

~ PLANE BLANKET: we have all experienced it… temperature fluctuations in a plane are dreadful. One minute it’s hot like in Africa, the next minute it’s chilly like in the North Pole. The plane polyester blanket - if you are lucky to get one - won’t help much and there is a high chance you get sick before you arrive… That’s when you really enjoy a lightweight yet warm and cozy cashmere-silk pashmina!

Plane about to land

~ BATHING SUIT COVER-UP: Once on the beach, you want to feel comfortable. Maybe you want to hide some curves; maybe you want to protect your skin from the sun. Maybe it’s windy or cooler than what you thought. Again, your pashmina is your best friend…

~ DRESS-UP TOUCH: if simple tops and casual pants are your favorites, why not? Yet, what if you are invited to an unexpected formal event? You may regret not to have proper attire. Here comes a great alternative: a pashmina will bring a pop of color, a bit of extra distinction and style to your casual wardrobe.

Blue cashmere silk pashmina by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ casual wear

~ HEAD COVER-UP: are you interested in visiting a sacred site? In most countries, you will be required to cover your head to comply with the religious dress code: another good reason to always carry a pashmina.

~ SHOULDER WRAP: in some places - museums, restaurants - the air conditioning can be very high. The only options you have are either to step out right away (too bad) or to add an extra layer on your shoulders. Your pashmina will save you!

silver grey cashmere silk pashmina by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ as a shoulder wrap

~ NURSING COVER-UP: if you are travelling with a baby, you will truly appreciate a multipurpose pashmina to block the sun from your child’s eyes in the car or to keep your baby warm in its stroller.  

As you see, there is no end to the uses of pashmina scarves. There are the perfect blend of fashion and function! So make sure you pack a few ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ cashmere-silk pashminas before you leave. All set? Have a fun and safe trip!



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