June 07, 2014

No surprise: many women wish they were thinner! Assuming you are one of them and you really have a few extra pounds, here are two options:

. Option 1: diet and exercise (efficient but tiring and not always fun)
. Option 2: give the instant illusion of a slimmer figure (efficient, not tiring AND fun)

If option 2 is your favorite, then your scarf will soon become your BFF… A scarf is the perfect accessory to elongate the torso and to make you look thinner! It all depends on how you wear it.


~ Choose a light scarf which flows and "moves". A thick wool scarf will inevitably make you look heavier than a silk scarf. 

~ Fold your square scarf diagonally into a long band or use an oblong scarf. Toss it around the back of your neck. Wear it long and loose and let both ends hang in two vertical lines down between your breasts. This simple trick is enough to shave off a few pounds and to add (virtual) inches to your height.

NAUTICAL grey:  silk twill scarf with a maritime theme by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™

 Blue polka dot chiffon silk scarf with an oblong shape by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™

Pastel blue cashmere silk pashmina scarf by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™


~ If you decide to make a knot, drape your scarf like a "man's tie". Make sure the knot rests pretty low on your chest. Again the goal is to accentuate the visual effect of vertical lines.

NAUTICAL grey:  silk twill scarf with a maritime theme by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™


~ Also, draw people's attention to your scarf and make it the hero of your outfit. Prefer monochromatic or neutral outfits and think about tying a bright scarf around a purse - preferably a large one. Your scarf combined with your purse will stand out against your clothing and will create a great slimming effect.

QUBE: white and turquoise silk twill scarf by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ with a modern geometric pattern

 Pink Winter: a silk twill scarf  by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ wrapping totally a handbag


~ Generally speaking, stay away from bulky knots and always make sure your scarf does not accentuate the part of your body you are in trouble with. Let’s say… your waist is not as thin as it used to be: then avoid a scarf as a belt. If you have a short neck, prefer open and V necklines and tie your scarf with a low front knot.  

Green chiffon silk scarf with an oblong shape. dog pattern by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™. Perfect for dog lovers!


Finally, think positive and remember: there is always a way to cheat, to hide flaws and to live a happy life. And always keep in mind that a scarf is your best friend forever!



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