May 15, 2014

You don’t have one favorite scarf color… You love plenty of them!

Time to be different, to be unique! Think out of the box with intertwined scarves or fancy braided scarves. Explore new ways to zest up your outfit with several colorful scarves you’ll wear at the same time. ANNE TOURAINE Paris large collection of silk chiffon scarves allows you to create many fun, original, and delightfully personal styles.

Ingredient #1: scarves!

Colorful polka dot silk scarves by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™

One single scarf can be fabulous....

Timeless and classic champagne polka dot silk scarf by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™

... But two is even greater… You can either pick two scarves whose colors are complementary (black and white) or which belong to the same palette (champagne and orange, mint and royal blue, pink and red). You can also opt for two contrasting shades. Once you have made your choice, intertwine your two scarves and this is it! Simple, nice, elegant and very different!

black and white polka dot silk scarves by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™. Roaring twenties like!

Blue and green polka dot silk scarves by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™

Blue and green polka dot silk scarves by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™


Wearing three is even more fun…Because of their material and their shape, ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ chiffon silk scarves are easy to mingle. Braid them and, to secure the fancy scarf braid you have created, make a knot on each end of the braid. You could also tie the two ends of the braid to create a sort of infinity scarf.

Red, orange and blue polka dot silk scarves by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™

Enjoy these fun styles…

-       to walk off the beaten tracks (nothing is more boring than the routine)

-       to honor your country’s flag

-       to support your favorite football team

-       to celebrate a special event: think blue, white and red scarf / scarves for the 4th of July or Bastille Day.

Whatever your favorite scarf color match is, ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ has the answer! We have set up many superb scarf combinations for you - like different pairs of polka dot scarves - at special prices. Don't miss them and have fun playing with your polka dot silk scarves.



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