Le Guide

The ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarves are the essential touch to add flair and sophistication to any outfit. They are also a versatile accessory. The numerous photos displayed on our website show that the possibilities of knotting and styling them are endless.

But because we want to make sure that once you have purchased your ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ carré (silk square scarf Collections), you enjoy creating a great variety of looks all year round, we deliver with your scarf a complimentary How-To-Wear Guide. In this essential booklet, you will discover 20 inspirational ideas and simple step-by-step methods to effortlessly tie and wear with style your ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ 90x90cm (36x36in) or 70x70cm (27x27in) scarf. Classic or fancy, dressy or casual: there are styles for each personality and for each situation.

The right hand pages of our Guide feature a photo presenting a specific way to wear your scarf.  The left hand pages provide short and easy explanations that demonstrate how the scarf is tied. In addition to these simple explanations, we also provide you with extra tips such as when or how to wear each style presented in the Guide... and always remember that our Team of Stylists is at the disposal of our customers for even more advice! (see the Contact Us / Contact a Stylist tab).

It’s time to order your favorite ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk square scarf and to enjoy our essential Guide that comes with it!